New Le Tour Ski Lift has arrived!

01 Dec 2022

The new Le Tour ski lift cabins have arrived in Chamonix!

Stored in the car park at the base of the mountain, they will soon be loaded on the cables and sent up to the new lift station at the mid station of Le Tour.

The bottom station is getting its plexiglass cover while the top station started in the summer of 2021 is receiving its finishing touches!

This project promises to deliver a beautiful new high speed gondola to celebrate the 83rd year operation of the Tour mountain in Chamonix.

Steve Jackson

By Steve Jackson


Stephen Jackson, a Chamonix local with two decades of mountain life under his belt. Stephen's is a fanatical snowboarder who lives and breathes the alpine lifestyle in Chamonix. What truly sets him apart is his passion for introducing newcomers to the magic of Chamonix. He's the kind of person who finds pure joy in showing people the hidden gems of the mountains for skiing or snowboarding and exploring the charming town itself. Alongside his partner, Nicky, he's built a business that they're both immensely proud of. Together, they can't wait to share the beauty of Chamonix with more adventurers through their venture, Cold Fusion.